How To Become a Business Manager?


Do you dream of being a business manager? Perhaps you would like to work for a large organisation at the top of your game? Or even have the flexibility of running your own business? The role of the business manager is diverse, challenging and ultimately rewarding and now it’s even easier to get the qualifications you need to start your exciting new career.

Ready, set go…

Before you begin your learning journey, there are many options to consider to maximise your learning style and personal situation. Likewise, depending on the type of business manager you want to become, there are many different courses offering everything from generalist business management skills to those focused on a specific field of interest such as IT, accountancy or professional services. So the first step is to gather information and advice on the right learning path for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do I prefer to learn? Do I thrive in a classroom situation, prefer to learn at my own pace online or in a practical, work-based context?

2. What type of business manager do I want to be? Do I have a particular field of interest/expertise? Are there any specific skills I wish to attain to achieve my goals?

3. How long do I want to study for and to what level? Do I want to stop at the undergraduate level or achieve a (Regulated Qualifications Framework) RQF Level 7 and above qualification that is recognised internationally?

4. What type of organisation do I want to study with, academic or business-led etc.?

Once you have answers to these questions its time to look at the courses available that fulfil the majority of your needs. Here is a quick glimpse at one possible learning journey.

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